There are many reasons why reporting Islamophobia can be important

Both research and community consultation tell us that the data on reported Islamophobic incidents doesn't match what’s truly happening. Although the reasons for this are complex and varied, some include:

  • Confusion about where and how to report Islamophobia
  • Discouragements due to the response from services when reporting Islamophobia
  • The outcomes (or lack of outcomes) after reporting Islamophobia

Islamophobia Support is committed to responding to these. We don’t want Islamophobia to be accepted, normalised or ignored. Some important reasons for reporting Islamophobic incidents include:


1. Support

We believe that when an Islamophobic incident report is made, individuals and communities should be responded to in a way that suits their needs. Experiencing Islamophobia can lead to many negative impacts, and our role is to understand and provide support in response to these.


2. Understanding

With better information about the scope, nature and impacts of Islamophobia in Victoria, we can advocate for better laws and policies. With this information we can also work to improve the support and reporting options available in Victoria.


3. Response

After reporting Islamophobic incidents, there may be options for responding to what’s happened. This may result in individuals or groups acknowledging, apologising or being held responsible for their actions.


Read about the ICV’s commitment to understanding, responding and providing support in our Islamophobia Position Statement.