Islamophobia Support is a free community service delivered by the Islamic Council of Victoria.

ICV-cf1v3Islamophobia Support is a support and advocacy service available to Victorian individuals and communities who have experienced Islamophobia. Islamophobia Support aims to play 4 roles in Victoria.


1. Individual Support

We provide holistic care to individuals who have experienced or witnessed Islamophobia in Victoria. We focus on understanding the specific needs of each person we help and aim to offer appropriate information, advice, referrals and ongoing care.


2. Collaborating with Services and Organisations

We understand that there are lots of different services and organisations available that may be able to provide support in response to Islamophobia. We are connected with human rights organisations, policing services, mental health services, legal services and community services.  

See our list of partners HERE.

See our list of mental health services HERE, as well as our legal services HERE.


3. Engaging and Empowering

We provide education and resources to individuals, communities, organisations and services across Victoria. This focuses on building understanding about Islamophobia, why support and reporting is important, and how we can provide care to individuals.

See our community sources HERE.


4. Reporting and Advocacy

We aim to use our learnings and the information we collect to advocate for the rights of Victorian Muslims. It’s really important for Islamophobia Support to understand what is happening in Victoria, and how communities can best be supported.

See our research and reports on Islamophobia HERE.

See our position statement HERE.


How to connect with Islamophobia Support?

You can report Islamophobia HERE

You can contact Islamophobia Support directly HERE