Islamophobia Support works closely with other services and organisations

Islamophobia Support understands the importance of collaboration when responding to Islamophobic incidents in Victoria. We value our partnerships and the important role they play in supporting individuals and communities in Victoria. Each of our partners are committed to improving the ways Islamophobia can be reported and responded to.



The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) is an independent statutory body, dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in Victoria. VEOHRC is responsible to 3 different laws, including the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, Equal Opportunity Actand Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. VEOHRC receive enquiries and complaints about discrimination, sexual harassment, racial and religious vilification, and victimisation. They can respond with dispute resolution (including conciliation) and referrals.


Islamophobia Support works with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to:

  • Provide information and advice to individuals and communities about submitting a religious discrimination or religious vilification complaint to VEOHRC
  • Provide support to individuals who want to submit a complaint (Islamophobia Support may be able to submit a complaint as a representative body)
  • Act as a support body or representative body throughout dispute resolution, which can involve support through conciliation
  • Receive referrals from VEOHRC for religious discrimination or religious vilification enquiries or complaints, to provide individuals with support and care



It is the role of Victoria Police to serve Victorian communities and uphold laws to promote a safe and secure society. Victoria Police are committed to reducing victimisation and improving their service delivery. Victoria Police understand that victims need to be treated with sensitivity, fairness, empathy, dignity and respect. Victoria Police also recognise that victims should be provided with information tailored to their needs and that collaboration can be important for enhancing victim services. When Islamophobic incidents or offences are reported to Victoria Police, the officer may assess and record prejudice motivation (a prejudice motivated crime or prejudice motivated incident).


Islamophobia Support works with Victoria Police to:

  • Assist with and improve the recording of prejudice motivation when Islamophobic incidents or crimes are reported to Victoria Police
  • Raise awareness and build capacity within Victoria Police, to improve their cultural competency when serving Victorian Muslim communities
  • Engage and educate communities about their rights when engaging with Victoria Police
  • Improve the appropriateness of referrals Victorian Muslims are offered through the Victoria Police referral system




The Islamophobia Register provides a secure platform for Islamophobic incidents to be reported. The reported incidents are verified, recorded and analysed in partnership with Charles Sturt University, to produce the Islamophobia in Australia Reports. These reports play a significant role in raising awareness about Islamophobia in Australia. 


Islamophobia Support works with the Islamophobia Register to:

  • Provide support and care to Victorians who have reported an incident to the Islamophobia Register
  • Advocate for the rights of Australian Muslims through raising awareness about the scope, nature and impacts of Islamophobia

Our mental health service partners can be found HERE.

Our legal service partners can be found HERE.