Islamophobia Support receives reports and provides support in response to Islamophobic incidents in Victoria

If you need help reporting, please call Islamophobia Support on 03 9328 2067


Islamophobia Support understands that there are different ways to report an Islamophobic incident, depending on the incident details. This can sometimes be confusing. You can report directly to Islamophobia Support here. We work closely with different services and organisations that receive and respond to Islamophobic incident reports. We recognise and value the different ways Islamophobia can be reported in Victoria.


If you feel unsafe or need urgent support, please call Victoria Police on 000.


If you are unsure about reporting, we encourage you to either contact us or to complete the online reporting form.


From here, we can talk you about the different reporting options available to you and assist you with a report if you would like. How we offer help is based on the specific needs of the individual or community we are supporting. It is our role to listen to what’s happened and understand how we can best provide support. This might involve providing information, advice or a referral to another reporting option.


For example, if it seems like what’s happened may be considered religious discrimination or religious vilification, we might suggest and offer to help you with a complaint to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.


Some of the reporting organisations and services that we can work with include:

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Victoria Police

Australian Human Rights Commission

Islamophobia Register

Crime Stoppers

Police Accountability Project

Victorian Ombudsman

Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Australian Press Council