The Islamic Council of Victoria is deeply committed to advocating for the wellbeing and rights of Victoria Muslims

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) recognises that Islamophobia disrupts socio-cultural harmony and negatively affects the wider Victorian Muslim community.


Through our advocacy efforts and Islamophobia Support service, we are committed to responding to Islamophobia, empowering Victorian Muslim communities and promoting social inclusion.


To outline our commitment to addressing Islamophobia, we worked with community activists, researchers and friends of the ICV to develop the Islamophobia Position Statement.


The Islamophobia Position Statement serves to comprehensively examine the context, contributing factors and consequences of Islamophobia. It also outlines recommendations for collaboratively addressing Islamophobia, and commits the ICV to specific implementation efforts and actions.


The ICV sincerely welcomes constructive engagement and future collaboration in response to the this Position Statement. Please direct any enquires or feedback to islamophobiasupport@icv.org.au


The ICV is grateful for the statements of support and endorsement we received at the launch of this Position Statement in July 2020.


Read the endorsements HERE.


Read the Islamophobia Position Statement HERE.